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Fathers involvement during their wives pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.


Christopher Hyacinth  . Castillo

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Research and Publications Center - University of Cagayan Valley

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Journal Article, Original
Students Research Journal
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January 2013-December 2014


         Pregnancy is a special time not only for a woman but also for her family. It is one that many people want to share with others, especially those who are closest in their lives. Participating in prenatal classes, going to prenatal visits with partner are ways in which expectant fathers can be both supportive of their wives and at the same time include themselves in the pregnancy process. Many men begin during the pregnancy to develop a bond with their child.  Fathers have enjoyed laying their hands on their partner's belly and talking to their babies. This very personal and private communication is very powerful as a prenatal bonding ritual. In this way, helping choose the birth attendants, midwife or doctor, and being involved in the choice of where the baby will be born is another way men begin becoming involved. Men today want to participate in the birth process. They want to be there with and for their partners. They want to be involved in offering support and love.

        Fathers are looking for a psychologically satisfying place within their families. There are many benefits to the father's involvement in pregnancy, birth, and the early years of his child or children's lives. These benefits are not only for his child and wife but for his own understanding of what it is to be man and a father.

        The researchers conducted this study to determine the father's involvement during their wives pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care at Barangay Parabba, Peñablanca, Cagayan. The researchers made used of the Descriptive Survey which is a fact finding with adequate interpretation. It is something more and beyond the present day activities and ascertaining prevailing conditions. This is to  assess the involvement of fathers during their wives pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.  Result show that the involvement of father is very important during their wives pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care.




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